The New Mexico School Boards Association aspires to be recognized as the premier source of development and support for local boards of education in New Mexico. The NMSBA will be known as the leading advocate for local boards in their role of insuring that all students will graduate from New Mexico high schools prepared for a quality life and committed to improving society.


The New Mexico School Boards Association is the member organization for all of New Mexico’s school boards to support their efforts in providing a quality education for all students of New Mexico. The NMSBA serves its members through:

* Commitment to local autonomy;

* Advocacy at the state and federal level for commonly held needs;

* Leadership development services and training for local school boards;

* Encourage collaboration with community, elected officials and other educational organizations in areas of common interest.

We Believe That…

Students have a responsibility to be active life-long learners and to contribute to their own success. All learners should have an equal opportunity for a quality education that provides the tools for a quality life and a vision for the future. Quality education reflects diverse community values and capitalizes on the multicultural strengths of the community. Parents, schools and communities are partners who share the responsibility for providing quality education. Quality education systems are locally controlled.

Branding Statement

Serving New Mexico’s 450 elected school board members and their diverse and unique communities for over 60 years, NMSBA serves as the primary information source on public education and successfully advocates for, and unifies our voices to provide a quality public education for all New Mexico children. We are 450 STRONG!

Support, Train, Recognize Outstanding New Mexico Governance