What do we get for our NMSBA dues?

The New Mexico School Boards Association, the full-time advocate for local school governance, represents the unique needs of local school boards.


Your district membership dues provide you with:

Communication Services
• Periodic Newsletters, Bulletins & Guides
• Board Member Orientation Manual
• Board-Superintendent Directory
• Guide for School Board Candidates
• Superintendent Search &Evaluation
• Email updates and leadership information
• NMSBA website- NMSBA Legislative/Government Advocacy

Legislative Advocacy Services
•Lobbying State Legislature, LESC and LFC
•Coordinate with NM Partners & PED
•Send Legislative Updates & Emails
•Represent Boards on Committees, Task Forces and Work Groups
•Lobby Congress in cooperation with the National School Boards Association

Training Services
•Conferences & Breakout Sessions
•School Law Training
•Region Training Sessions
•Individualized Board Training
•Training Materials & Resources
•Leadership Development & Recognition Program

Conference Services
•Board Member Institute
•School Law Conference
•Leadership Retreat
•Annual State Convention
•Region Meetings
•National School Boards Conferences

Policy Services (Fee Based)
•National recognized coding system
•Comprehensive rewrite of existing policies
•Updated as federal & state laws change
•Internet access to policies by all
•Access to policy specialist
•Extremely reasonable fees

Miscellaneous Services 
•Basic Legal Advice
•Bond & School Board Elections
•Board -Superintendent Relations
•Special Studies & Research
•Student Achievement Awards
•NMSBA Scholarship Program
•I am New Mexico Public Schools

NMSBA also offers Associate Memberships to Charter Schools, Non-Public Schools and other Education Agencies

Benefits include and are limited to the following:

  • Non-voting associate membership status
  • Opportunities to earn credits toward state mandated training requirements at three NMSBA Conferences.
  • Member rates at conferences.

2024-2025 Application for Associate Membership (PDF)