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Notice to NMSBA Policy Service Subscribers,

Late last week the Policy Service Portal on our website when down and access to school district policy manuals has not been available. We immediately contacted our Policy Service technical staff and they have been working throughout the week to restore access however it still may be a few days before full access is restored.

 We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and please know that we are trying to take care of this as quickly as possible, while being meticulously careful. Thank you for your patience.

How to Search a Policy Manual

New Mexico Policy Service Program Summary

  • The program provides enhanced policy services on a four year subscription basis supervised by a licensed New Mexico Attorney with over 30 years policy writing experience.
  • Policies are updated periodically as changes in statutory law, case law, state agency rules and regulations, Attorney General Opinions, and local conditions and circumstances occur.
  • Features of the Policy Services Program include:
  • A national system for coding and retrieving policy, developed by the National School Boards Association.
  • On call or e-mail to discuss policy related issues and possible revisions. With appropriate topically-related information, Policy Services will write personalized policy for the District.
  • Secured Internet access to the District Policy Manual for the public and staff using browsers commonly available on computers.
  • The assistance provided by the Policy Services Program reduces the amount of time devoted to review and documentation of state and federal compliance issues.
  • Paperless access to school policy available at any internet connected computer.
    Links to legal citations and and cross references to related policies are provided to make research easier and more convenient.
  • The Superintendent will spend less time finding and interpreting legal requirements.
  • The Superintendent accesses the consultant to determine and clarify information in need of referral to legal counsel, reducing legal expenses.
  • The Manual is secure and cannot be changed without proper documentation.
    Costs and expenses
  • The monthly cost is $385, approximately the monthly cost of a new employee’s fringe benefits package.
  • The District is responsible for initial expenses and preparation – travel, lodging, food and the preparation of the draft copies
    – Expenses generally cost about $1,000-$1,500 depending on travel.
    – Preparation is a flat $1,000 for up to 10 draft copies and 6 final copies of the policy manual.
  • An exception to this is if the Draft is viewed as a protected pdf and no hard copies are required for the review and adoption, the final copies are $100 each in vinyl covers with dividers and indices.

Contact Joe Guillen, Executive Director at (505) 983-5041, or email jguillen@nmsba.org or

John F. Kennedy, Policy Service Director at (505) 469-0193 or email: jfkpolicyservice@gmail.com

How to Update a Policy Manual

Advisory Completeness Checklist

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