What Do We Get for Our NMSBA Dues

This document explains what member districts receive in services for the dues they pay. This information may also be viewed on the main page under the title NMSBA Programs.

School Board Candidate Manual – 2023


November 7, 2023 – Regular Local Election Calendar

This manual was put together for community members interested in becoming a school board member.


Lists all school election deadlines and requirements including filing dates.

Hiring A New Superintendent


Board Chair Handbook

Is your superintendent leaving?


Learn what it takes to be Board Chair/President

New Mexico Open Meetings Act

Questions about when to close your meetings? Here is the information you need.

NMSBA Constitution, By-Laws, and Policies

Learn more about the formation of NMSBA.

Public Education Department Regulations

These are new regulations adapted and published by the NM Public Education Department.
The documents listed above except for the PED Regulations are available in printed form by request, from the New Mexico School Boards Association, 300 Galisteo Street, Suite 204, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501.