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School Board Association Website Links

This list is complete of all School Board Associations who have web sites.

National School Boards Association – Excellence and equity in public education through school board leadership.
Association of Alaska School Boards To assist school boards in providing quality public education and preserving local control.
Arizona School Boards Association – To advance public education by providing leadership and assistance to local school district governing boards serving children and communities in the State of Arizona and promoting lay control of public education in the United States of America.
Arkansas School Boards Association – To promote better educational opportunities for all children in the State of Arkansas.
California School Boards Association – Leadership in setting and implementing the public education agenda and to support local school board governance at the district and county levels.
Colorado Association of School Boards – The collective voice of Colorado’s school boards, providing leadership, advocacy, training, and services for effective school governance.
Connecticut Association of Boards of Education To assist local and regional boards of education in providing high quality public education for all Connecticut children through effective leadership.
Florida School Boards Association – To support and assist school boards in shaping and improving education in Florida by impacting legislation and providing proactive leadership and training through a network of services and information.
Georgia School Boards Association – To provide educational leadership, services, and support to local boards of education, and to represent their collective resolve for governance of public education.
Hawaii State Board of Education – Setting education policies for the public school system, and setting policies and standards for the public library system.
Idaho School Boards Association – Serves as a unified voice on behalf of the board members throughout the state. ISBA is a non-profit organization serving as a statewide advocate on behalf of public education and children.
Illinois Association of School Boards – A voluntary organization of local boards of education dedicated to strengthening the public schools through local citizen control.
Iowa Association of School Boards – IASB is an organization of elected school board members dedicated to assisting school boards in achieving their goal of excellence and equity in public education.
Kansas Association of School Boards – The common voice for Kansas boards of education.
Kentucky School Boards Association – Serves to strengthen the contributions of elected school boards to the success of students; to advocate school board governance, leadership and accountability; and to support the efficient use of tax dollars by providing quality services to school districts.
 Louisiana School Boards Association –  The Louisiana School Boards Association (LSBA) provides leadership, services, and support for its members so that they may become more effective as policy makers in meeting the educational needs of all students.
Maine School Boards Association – To enhance the education of all students in Maine’s public schools by identifying and serving the needs of local school boards through board development, information and support services, and by advocating for all Maine public schools at the state and national levels.
Massachusetts Association of School Committees – Ensuring excellence in school committee leadership through advocacy, training and service.
Michigan Association of School Boards – To identify and serve the leadership education needs of local and intermediate boards of education through board development, information and support services to enhance public education in Michigan.
Minnesota School Boards Association – To assist elected school board members in meeting their fundamental governance roles of vision, structure, accountability and advocacy in order to achieve their goals of excellence, equity, and representative government in public education.
Missouri School Boards Association – An advocate for public education across Missouri, serving as the unified voice for school board members before the General Assembly, the Governor’s Office and other administrative agencies.
Nebraska Association of School Boards – To serve local boards in order to enhance public education for the children of Nebraska.
New Hampshire School Boards Association – The representatives of local school boards, providing leadership and vision in promoting excellence in education in New Hampshire.
New Jersey School Boards Association – a federation of local boards of education, deriving its authority from Public Law 18A:6-47, shall be to encourage and assist all movements for the improvement of public school education for the children of our state.
New York State School Boards Association – Connecting the will of the people to the education of the child.
North Carolina School Boards Association – An advocate for public school education, is to provide leadership and services that enable local boards of education to govern effectively.
Ohio School Boards Association – To encourage and advance public education through local citizen responsibility.
Oklahoma State School Boards Association – Created in 1944 to provide support for local school board members. This association serves its membership by offering a variety of services to inform, assist and represent school board members in Oklahoma.
Oregon School Boards Association – Boldly committed to quality public education for all by providing advocacy, leadership, training and services for school boards.
Pennsylvania School Boards Association – To serve as an advocate for public education and local school governance, and be responsive to the needs of boards of school directors.
South Carolina School Boards Association – A nonprofit organization, serves as a statewide voice for boards governing the 86 public school districts.
Associated School Boards of South Dakota – Advocacy for Children Through School Board Service.
Tennessee School Boards Association – To assist school boards to effectively govern school systems.
Texas Association of School Boards Educational excellence for Texas schoolchildren through advocacy, visionary leadership, and high quality services to school districts.
Vermont School Board Association – To improve education for all children in Vermont by supporting school boards, advocacy, and facilitating communication.
Virginia School Boards Association – To provide member boards with services, training and advocacy so that they may exercise effective leadership in public school governance on behalf of public education for all children in the Commonwealth.
Washington State School Directors’ Association – To provide leadership for the continual improvement of a public education system which assures effective learning for all students and to assure that school board members develop their skills and acquire the knowledge necessary to fulfill their responsibilities.
Wisconsin Association of School Boards -To provide, visionary leadership to Wisconsin school boards and to support, through quality services, their pursuit of educational excellence for each student.
Wyoming School Boards AssociationServing Wyoming Education Through School Board Leadership