NMSBA Provides Training Services as follows:

 School Board Mandatory Training

Mandatory Training Statutes & Regulations

According to state statute 22-5-12, school board members are required to attend five (5) hours of training a year.

The New Mexico State Board of Education approved that the following types of training receive credit for the state mandated training statute:

1.Public Education Department (PED) Workshops

    • Workshops for newly elected or newly appointed board members will be held at the Board Institute in February or March. (New is defined as having been on the board for fewer than 6 months)
    • Workshops such as the Spring Budget Workshop.

2. NMSBA Conference Sessions (Breakouts and Approved General Training Sessions). Up to three hours each for attending Celebrating Educational Opportunities for Hispanic Students Conference and the National School Boards Association Convention.

3.Regional Meetings (two hours training component)

4.Individual Board Training’s sanctioned or sponsored by NMSBA. Examples of workshops that WOULD count: Training on Roles and Responsibilities of Board Members, Superintendent Evaluation, Goals Development Process, and Board Self-Evaluation Process.

5.Other types of training approved by the Public Education Department and NMSBA. There are forms available to request credit for individualized training credit. Of the five (5) hours mandated training required, only two (2) hours of approved credit may be from individualized training.
As board members complete this training, NMSBA will be responsible for reporting to districts how many hours of training each board member has completed. This information will also be reported by the PED on each School District Report Card.

Request for Independent Board Training Credit