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Excellence In Student Achievement Awards Program

The Excellence in Student Achievement Awards program seeks to promote student achievement in school districts and assist local school boards in recognizing school leaders, staff and other individuals who have played an important role in improving student achievement at the local level.

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Excellence In Student Achievement Award Recipients Announced

The New Mexico School Boards Association (NMSBA) announced recipients of the 2019 Excellence in Student Achievement Awards. The awards, sponsored by NMSBA, are presented to individuals selected by local boards of education throughout New Mexico who have played an important role in improving student achievement in their local school district. Sixty-four (64) school boards participated in this year’s program and one hundred fifteen (115) award recipients were selected. Recipients are listed below and will be honored at local school board meetings throughout New Mexico over the next few weeks. For specific information about award recipients, please contact the local school district. For additional information on the Excellence in Student Achievement Award Program contact Joe Guillen, NMSBA Executive Director, at or (505) 983-5041.

School Board                       Recipient                               Category________

Alamagordo                            Alessio Zagra                          Community Member

Albuquerque                            Janet Saiers                            Volunteer

Animas                                    Melodie O’Byrne                     Executive Secretary

Artesia                                     Greg Brown                             Staff Member

Aztec (2)                                 Grant Banash                          Staff Member

Rachel Banash                       Staff Member

Belen                                       Deborah Baca                         Administrator

Bernalillo                                 Rebecca Molinar                     Staff Member

Bloomfield                               Linda Gutierrez                       Staff Member

Carlsbad                                  Missi Currier                            Community Member

Carrizozo                                 Margie Serna                          Staff Member

Chama                                    Cadie Carrillo                          Staff Member

Cimarron                                 Pamela Towry Church            Staff Member

Clayton (2)                              Clayton Rotary Club               Community Organization

Talisha Valdez                        County Extension Agent

Cloudcroft                                Charliss Randall                      Community Member

Clovis                                      Jody Balch                              Superintendent

Cobre  (2)                                Christopher Salcido                Staff Member

Anisse Salcido                        Staff Member

Corona                                    Brad Gage                              Community Member

Deming                                   Blanca Diaz                             Staff Member

Des Moines                             Kamau Turner                         Administrator

Dexter                                     Monica Carlos                         Staff Member

Dora                                        Kit Pettigrew                            Staff Member

Dulce (2)                                 Brenda Serafin                        Community Education Member

Haeyalyn Muniz                      Tribal Education Specialist

Estancia (3)                             Glenda Noblitt                         Staff Member

Milton Harbert                         Staff Member

Karen Esquibel                       Staff Member

Farmington                              Maria Rodman                        Boys & Girls Club Director

Floyd                                       Floyd Lions Club                     Community Organization

Gadsden (5)                            Laura Sandoval                       Staff Member

Elizabeth Marrufo                    Staff Member

Robert Parra                           Staff Member

Patricia Garcia                        Staff Member

Jorge Araujo                           Administrator

Gallup-McKinley (21)              Lucy Montoya                         Staff Member

Mary Lindenmeyer                  Staff Member

Joan Nez                                 Staff Member

Roberta Tayah                        Administrator

Alberta Nozie                          Administrator

Heidi Johnson                         Staff Member

Jvanna Hanks                         Administrator

David Gibbons                        Staff Member

Janice Cowboy                       Staff Member

Pauline Platero                       Staff Member

Ronald Willie                           Staff Member

Roger Willie                            Staff Member

Andrew Gordon                       Staff Member

Kumen Adams                        Staff Member

Nancy Adams                         Staff Member

Benina Maldonado                  Staff Member

Diana Galindo                         Staff Member

Elizabeth Plumb                      Staff Member

Tonya Hubbard                       Staff Member

Saji Sebastian                         Staff Member

Lucinda Bitsoi                         Staff Member             

Grants/Cibola                          Jerald Smith Jr.                       Community Member

Hagerman                               Tracey Lovas                          Staff Member

Hatch                                       Richard Marquez                    Administrator

House                                     Journalism Students               Student Group

Jemez Mountain                     Matthew Coriz                         Staff Member

Las Cruces (2)                        Janette Myers                         Staff Member

Centennial HS                        High School Department

Media Department

Las Vegas City                       William Brainerd                      Community Member

Logan                                      Johna Horne                          Staff Member

Lordsburg                                Ryan A. Chaney                      Administrator

Los Alamos (2)                       Melissa Kinman                      Staff Member

Scott Johnson                         Staff Member

Loving (5)                                Serapio Parraz                        Staff Member

Sam Clouthier                         Community Member

Haley Finch                             Staff Member

Justin Parraz                           Staff Member

Tyler Finch                              Staff Member

Lovington                                Adam Bryant                           Staff Member

Magdalena                              Diana Tyler Sauer                   Staff Member

Maxwell                                   Catherine Lohrengel               Volunteer

Mesa Vista                              Carissa Herrera                      Student

Mora                                        Jana Olivas                             Staff Member

Moriarty-Edgewood                 Sharon Head                           Administrator

Mosquero (2)                          Johnna Bruhn                         Administrator

Pat Copeland                          Staff Member

Pecos (3)                                Thomas Big Lake                    Student

Brenda Gallegos                     Administrator

MaryAnne Vigil-Flores            Staff Member

Penasco (2)                            Darren Griego                         Staff Member

Wayne Visarraga                    Staff Member

Pojoaque                                 Jill Morton                               Head Nurse

Portales                                   Jack Willis                               Staff Member

Raton (2)                                 Tinabeth Dorrance                  Staff Member

Robert Gonzales                     Volunteer              

Reserve (2)                             Roger Skaggs                         Staff Member

Wade Parsons                        Staff Member

Rio Rancho (3)                       Elizabeth Jacome                   Administrator

Sal LiRosi                                Community Member

Maurice Ross                          Administrator

Roswell                                   Roswell Symphony                 Community Group


Santa Fe (4)                            Lorraine Price                         School Board Member

Hilario Chavez                        Staff Member

Kelly McCabe                          Staff Member

Teresa Hamilton                     Staff Member

Santa Rosa                             Richard A. Perea                    Superintendent

Silver                                       Nora Love                               Staff Member

Socorro (5)                              Career Technology                 High School Team

Education Team

Cafeteria Ladies                      Cafeteria Staff

Preston White                         Staff Member

Charles Zimmerly                    Volunteer

Joel D. Partridge                     Staff Member

Springer                                  Janell Ross                             Community Member

Taos                                        Del Endres                              Volunteer

Tatum                                      Erin Whitman                          Staff Member

Tularosa                                  Allysa Montoya                       Student

Wagon Mound                        Esther Mondragon                  Community Volunteer

West Las Vegas (2)                Arnell Arellanes                       Staff Member

Marina Salazar                        Staff Member

Zuni                                         Rowena Chuyate                    Staff Member